Welcome to the Laguna Beach High School CROSS COUNTRY program and congratulations on the decision to join the LBHS team! Athletes on the past squads have valued the fun, excitement, and lessons learned during their time in CROSS COUNTRY and have used the discipline and self-confidence gained in our sport to also succeed in the other aspects of their lives. We want to welcome all the athletes that are joining us for the season and ask that each one of them will do the following:

1) Enjoy the experience of being on a high school athletic team.

2) Take advantage of the opportunities available in cross country to improve as an athlete, make new friends, have fun, achieve some athletic success, and mature as an individual.

3) Complete all the requirements expected of our athletes.

Our Goals:

1) Provide an enjoyable and fun experience for the athletes participating in the sport while strengthening their bodies physically and emotionally.

2) Provide the type of training that would enable each athlete to realize her/his potential.

3) Provide the type of training and motivation that would produce individual League, CIF, and state champions.

4) Provide the type of training and motivation that would produce team League, CIF, and state champions.

5) Help our athletes learn how to set goals and commitment.

6) Help our athletes become physically fit for a healthy and productive life.

7) Help our athletes understand the importance of team work and cooperation.

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